The Elohim Peace and Aloha , elohim of peace and God's purple and gold ray, have a retreat over the Hawaiian islands, the Temple of Peace. The purple and gold flames that emanate from this temple in concentric heart-shaped rings release the flame of peace that Jesus invoked when he calmed the raging sea with his fiat, “Peace, be still.” In the main edifice graced with circular walls and white pillars is the Great Hall of Peace, where the flame of peace burns. Surrounding the altar are anchored the secret rays of God. The Elohim Peace and Aloha invite students to come to their retreat and to learn how to become like Saint Francis, instruments of peace.

Call to attend the Temple of Peace   

     In the name of the Christ, My Own Real Self, I call to the Heart of my Mighty I AM Presence, to the Angel of the Presence, to Beloved Archangel Michael, Kuan Yin and the Maha Chohan, to take me to the Temple of Peace over the Hawaiian Islands, according to the will of my Holy Christ Self and the direction of the Maha Chohan. I ask to be taught how to anchor peace in my heart and solar plexus chakra so that I may become an intrument of peace and wield the sword of peace that divides the real from the unreal.

   (personal prayer)

     Beloved Peace and Aloha, help me to remember upon awakening all that will help me to fulfill my mission on earth and the mission of my twin flame. I accept this call manifested through the power of the Christ and am thankful for its realization. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, Amen.