Hercules and Amazonia are the Elohim of God's will and blue ray. Hercules was the only Elohim who volunteered to tackle the challenges of Earth by incarnating into physical embodiment. Their retreat is superimposed over Half Dome in Yosemite National Park and radiates the sapphire blue flame of God’s will to the entire planet. One enters the retreat through a large portal between two gigantic white pillars into an octagon-shaped hall. In the center of the retreat is a large blue-white diamond that intensifies the radiation of the Elohim. Students, masters, mighty angels and greeat teams of conquerors attend this retreat to focus the energies of the will of God in specific service to the Brotherhood of Light.

Call to attend the retreat of Hercules and Amazonia

    In the name of the Christ, My Own Real Self, I call to the Heart of my Mighty I AM Presence, to the Angel of the Presence, to Beloved Archangel Michael, Kuan Yin and the Maha Chohan, to take me to the etheric retreat of Beloved Hercules and Amazonia over Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, according to the will of my Holy Christ Self and the direction of the Maha Chohan. I ask to be taught the law of faith for the victory of the flame of God’s Will within my heart and throat chakra, especially as it pertains to the gifts of faith in God’s will and the strength to overcome.

     (personal prayer)

     Beloved Hercules, help me to remember upon awakening all that will help me to fulfill my mission on earth and the mission of my twin flame. I accept this call manifested through the power of the Christ and am thankful for its realization. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, Amen.