The ascended master Eriel has a retreat over the state of Arizona, not far from the Arizona deserts. Here students learn the science of the light and sound rays and practice all-oneness with God. Eriel’s retreat specifically ministers to children who have suddenly passed on and need to adjust to the etheric plane. These children learn to develop an aspect of their divine plan in preparation for reincarnation. Eriel also works with legions of purple flame angels.

Call to attend Eriel’s retreat


     In the name of the Christ, My Own Real Self, I call to the Heart of my Mighty I AM Presence, to the Angel of the Presence, to Beloved Archangel Michael, Kuan Yin and the Maha Chohan, to take me to the etheric retreat of Beloved Eriel over Arizona, according to the will of my Holy Christ Self and the direction of the Maha Chohan. I ask to receive instruction in the light and sound rays and to help the children of the light.

     (personal prayer)

     Beloved Eriel, help me to remember upon awakening all that will help me to fulfill my mission on earth and the mission of my twin flame. I accept this call manifested through the power of the Christ and am thankful for its realization. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, Amen.