The Arabian Retreat is comprised of many buildings that were hermetically sealed by the masters before a cataclysm covered them 125 feet under the sands of the Arabian Desert. The retreat has a chamber 300 feet high with large columns decorated with hieroglyphs, as well as adjoining council chambers, all resembling a greco-roman style of architecture. The retreat also contains a television chamber and a radio chamber, where any event on earth can be observed or heard at any time. In a chemical laboratory, students learn how to create antidotes to germ warfare. In other chambers, records of previous civilizations are kept and students learn to use the seven rays of God for the blessing of mankind. The retreat focuses the flame of peace. Jesus is in charge of this retreat and serves there with Lady Master Nada and legions of Peace.

Call to attend the Arabian Retreat

    In the name of the Christ, My Own Real Self, I call to the Heart of my Mighty I AM Presence, to the Angel of the Presence, to Beloved Archangel Michael, Kuan Yin and the Maha Chohan, to take me to the Arabian retreat with Jesus and Lady Master Nada, according to the will of my Holy Christ Self and the direction of the Maha Chohan. I ask to be instructed on the flame of peace within my heart and solar plexus chakra, especially as it pertains to the gifts of diverse kinds of tongues and interpretation of tongues.

    (personal prayer)

    Beloved Nada, help me to remember upon awakening all that will help me to fulfill my mission on earth and the mission of my twin flame. I accept this call manifested through the power of the Christ and am thankful for its realization. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, Amen.